in 2021 
We have raised more than-



No Maching / No telemarketing / No data

what are we are raising money for?

Saving lives
And medical cases

lone soldiers

Natural disasters

Welfare cases

Making dreams come true

Saving animals

Campaigns activities

Successful Campaigns

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We only take funding goals of more than 30,000 $


crowdfunding for nonprofits and crowdfunding for projects or personal goals on social media have long been a well-known tool. Such a process requires an envelope of capabilities and experience that will make reaching the funding goal smooth and successful. crowdfunding is what we do well, and enjoy doing. We have a history of great successes and goals. A bonus goal is our goal!

Who is it for?


Nonprofits interested in fundraising
Permanent or a single project


Individuals interested in fundraising For
a personal purpose or venture

What do we offer

Strategy building



Network promotion

Ongoing management

Getting to Know you!

Hi, how are you? who you are? who we are and what would you want us to do together. you get a price quote and we get a payment confirmation

On the go

writing, designing, producing, directing, shooting, editing, opening, closing, embedding, interfacing

Flight mode

Ongoing management, creative refresh, supervision and comments on relevant pages, optimizations, constant update on expense ratio

How does It Work

Getting ready

Building strategy and creative, Arranging necessary permits

Taking off

Building your campaign on the relevant platforms, uploading content, and taking off

Approaching our goal

Relevant advertising that expresses our joy, summarizing the whole process

איך זה עובד?


שלום ומה נשמע, מי אתם, מי אנחנו ומה תרצו שנעשה יחד אתם מקבלים הצעת מחיר ואנחנו אישור תשלום


בונים אסטרטגיה וקריאייטיב, מסדרים הרשאות נחוצות


כותבים, מעצבים, מפיקים, מביימים, מצלמים, עורכים, מקימים, פותחים, סוגרים, מטמיעים, מממשקים


בונים את הקמפיינים בפלטפורמות הרלוונטיות, מעלים את התוכן הבנוי ומתחילים לרוץ

מצב טיסה

ניהול שוטף, רענון קריאייטיב, השגחה ותגובות בעמודים הרלוונטיים, אופטימיזציות לייעול, עדכון מתמיד על יחס הוצאה-הכנסה

הגעה ליעד

פרסום רלוונטי שמביע את שמחתנו קבלת סיכום של כל התהליך

The platforms we work with

Interested in crowdfunding? Talk to us>

We only take funding goals of more than 30,000 $

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